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Sorry it has been so long since I have updated everyone.  I came down with “A” virus…not “THE” virus.  Then “THE” virus came along which caused a lot of depression, anger, confusion, etc.

I work for a hospital.  At first we were told not to wear masks because it would scare the patients, then we were told to wear masks inside patients rooms.  Now we are told to always wear the mask.  At first all elective surgeries were cancelled, then they were scheduled again.  Now they have all been cancelled, again.  The only saving grace right now is that I can get a lot of overtime!  The hospital has to have a “covid assist” nurse for every nurse that is taking care of covid patients.  For instance, Nancy nurse has 2 covid patients and Fancy nurse has 2 covid patients.  When these nurses are all gowned up and PAPR’d up, they need another nurse standing outside the patient’s room in case that nurse (in the room) needs supplies, etc.

My last post showed my mortgage balance on 2/21/2020 at $120,594.39.

Today 7/16/2020 my mortgage balance is $104,998.74.  A difference of $15,595.65 in 5 months or an average of $3100 per month towards the mortgage.  I just keep throwing any extra money I have towards the principal.

If the government ever gives us a “tax holiday” during this pandemic, most of my pay will go to extra principal on the mortgage. I am hoping that will happen soon.  From what the BF says, “once you get down below $100k it seems the payoff goes faster and faster.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here’s to reading on!

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No, that is not me and my boyfriend (BF) walking on the beach. We both have longer hair! That is a free picture from Pixaby.


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