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Sorry, It’s Been Awhile

So here I am…finally.  Sorry it’s been so long.  This covid thing is getting ridiculous.  Work has been unbelievable.  There has been so much overtime, I am burnt out.  So many people calling off sick, and there have been more than 15 people on my floor alone who came down with the virus.  I don’t know how, but I have managed to avoid it.  I am very grateful to not have gotten it.  Someone is definitely watching over me.

Also during this time I had a death in the family.  No, not from covid.  My brother who had a lung transplant over a year previously, succumbed to a fungal infection in his new lung. I knew that 50% of lung transplant patients rarely live past 5 years.  But I didn’t know that a high percentage of lung transplant patients catch fungal infections in the first year.  My brother had gone 1 year and 3 months with his new lung.  I am thankful that myself and his family had that extra year with him.  With all the restrictions of covid, it was very hard to go and see him in the hospital.  I am forever grateful to whoever let me in for 15 minutes to see him prior to him passing a week later.  We were very close.  I understand the restrictions we are under, but when a family member is passing it is very disturbing that the family can not go see the dying family member.

At the hospital I work at, when someone passes in the ICU, the ICU nurses contact the family and then with either Facetime or Duo, they hold their cameras/tablets up during the walk with the casket around the hospital floor to the morgue.  It gives the family some form of closure, I guess.

To move on I finally decided to refinance my mortgage.  My previous interest rate was 4.875% and in October I owed $94,050.00.  It was hard to find a lender who would only refinance for the amount.  Most everyone wanted me to take out cash to make the loan over $100,000.  I refused.  I finally found someone who would refinance just to change the interest rate and he didn’t charge me anything.  All the fees were refunded.  I currently do not have an impound account because the County of Riverside never applied my Proposition 60 and Proposition 90 filings to lower my property taxes, which is why I started this blog and my first post Why you can afford to retire in California makes sense.  I have called many times to straighten them out, but with covid, they are behind (I sent/faxed the info back in February of 2019), so I will check back with them next week, again.  So when you see my loan papers you won’t see the impound amount.  I was able to get an interest rate of 3%.

Let me know what you think.

Here’s to reading on!


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  1. My condolences on your brother. How are you holding up?
    I also started working in health care since COVID began, and we are switching to Epic, so lots of overtime here as well.


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