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Well here it is again.  Time to update you on the latest balance of my mortgage.  Only one month ago my mortgage was $2000.00 more than what I owe now.  I was hoping to be able to pay an extra $3000.00 per month, but that isn’t quite happening yet.  I will need to work a lot more overtime or find a second job in order to have the house paid off in the next 3 years.  But I am bound and determined to do it.  

My spending is down to the minimum.  I just think it’s the taxes that I pay here in California.  Unless you have a ton of kids and only have one income, you get crushed with taxes.  At least today (at the time I wrote this, not posted it) the cost of a barrel of oil went down to about $45 per barrel, which means that gas prices should be coming down soon, well except that an oil refinery in Carson, California just caught on fire, which will in turn cause gas prices to rise, because someone will say, we don’t have the supply we need.  I allocate $280 per month for gasoline for myself. I rarely ever spend more than $240 per month on gas. Occasionally I will drive to my brothers (approx 90 miles round trip) or go to the doctors (approx 70 miles round trip) but I usually have left over money from my gas envelope (see previous blog about using Dave Ramsey’s envelope system  

Getting there!

In one month I will have been in my new house for a full year.  April of 2020 will be a full 12 months of paying house payments on my new house.  I am hoping I will have the balance down to around $118k or less. Wish me luck!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here’s to reading on!

I use Personal Capital keep track of my networth.  I can see all of my accounts (retirement, checking, savings, etc.) in one place.  Instead of going to each separate entity to look at my balances, Personal Capital shows it all on one page.  It is digital financial software available for your computer and cell phone. Try it…it’s free. There is no obligation.


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