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Well Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!  How did everyone’s budget do??? Mine did good.  I did not go over my budget this year (I usually don’t).  This year I had actually stopped saving cash every paycheck and instead sent money to my Vanguard cash account every paycheck so I wouldn’t have all that cash sitting around at home.  And I still managed to send extra money to the mortgage company to go against the principal on my home. In fact I budgeted so well that I was actually able to send an extra $1500 towards the principal.  Yay me!

I have a feeling of euphoria right now when I look at my mortgage balance.  I have only been in the house since April (moved in in March, first payment was due April 1, 2019) and I have paid down over $12k dollars.  I was hoping that I would be able to pay down $20k to $40k by the time a year comes around, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can pay down an extra $8k by April 2020.  

Wish me luck in the comments below!

Here’s to reading on!!!


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