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Well here it is again, almost Christmas time and I managed to eek out another $600 and some odd dollars to put towards the principal only on my mortgage.  Actually it was exactly $635.04 which put my new balance down to $129,842.88!

I am almost a full 4 years ahead of my mortgage.  Dave Ramsey would be proud (I think)!

This next month is going to be a little tough.  As much as I want to pay off my mortgage YESTERDAY, Christmas is very important to me and I want to spend some money on some of my family.  It’s hard to determine how much money to spend during this season. But it is possible if you decide to make a budget. 

My next post will be about using the envelope system, by Dave Ramsey.

Let me know how you budget.

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Here’s to reading on!

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No, that is not me and my boyfriend (BF) walking on the beach. We both have longer hair! That is a free picture from the internet.

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