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Well, well, what to do, what to do.  You know that sometimes you really need to live life.  


I don’t go out often, and don’t go out to eat often.  But one of my biggest downfalls is going to McDonald’s and getting a regular Ice Tea with lemon.  They are only $1.00, plus tax = $1.08. That’s my big thrill of the day on my days off. But the last time I went,  besides being out of lemons (McDonald’s informed me that they will no longer carry lemons…ugh) the girl who took my money at the drive through and the girl who handed me my Ice Tea both had their nails done.  I mean, long sculpted, fancy rhinestones (are they rhinestones now a days?) or bling on them. And I wondered “how much do they spend on those?” Well it turns out in California you can spend anywhere from $30 to $70 to get a manicure and some fake nails put on!  And that’s every two to three weeks! OUCH. When you are only getting paid $10 to $12 an hour for work, why in the world would you spend that much money on nonsense? This is why some people complain that “life’s just not fair” or “I can’t afford school, or a car, or clothes”.  Where do these people think that they are entitled to all of this stuff. Have they never heard of saving up for items, or waiting until they can afford it?

You can not make $10 per hour and expect to rent an apartment or house and have a car payment (unless you have roommates).  You can not expect to get your nails done, have fancy clothes and go to school, unless you can afford it or someone is helping you pay for it.  You can not afford it if you are on any kind of assistance (welfare, SNAP, etc). If you are over 18, you should not be having your parents take care of your kids (you shouldn’t have kids unless you can afford them, without having your parents help you) and think that you can still go out, get your nails done, drive a nice car and expect the public to foot the bill for all of your “necessities”.

Enough of my howling….back to the subject of this blog which today is to LIVE LIFE.  I am on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step # 6 (pay off mortgage early) and even with sending extra money to pay down my mortgage I have managed to save some extra money to get an electric bike!

I did it.  After intense research by the BF, we have both decided on getting Rad Rover Power Bikes.  They are the best. We went down to Balboa Island and rented them from SportsRent for a couple of hours  just to make sure they were the ones that we wanted. It was a wonderful time. The sea breeze rushing through your hair as you barely pedal (I love pedal assist!).  Looking at the wildlife in the marshes, gliding down the bike path on a beautiful sunny California day. I don’t know if I could live anywhere else (although the taxes here are killing me, I may have to move someday).  

Anyway, using an electric bike instead of my car will help the environment, somewhat and my health.  Although there is no way I can use it to drive to work. I leave too early, come home too late and there is no safe path for biking back and forth to work for me, otherwise I would definitely use the bike for that.  I will be able to go to the grocery store, the bank, the new movie theater, and even to the BFs house. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

The one downfall I have is that the money I have spent could have gone to pay off an additional 4 to 5 months of my mortgage, which at the time of this writing I have already paid off an extra 4 years in 8 months.  But I think the goal is to be frugal and remain happy. Do things you like, but only when you can afford them and that may inspire you to push yourself and be successful.

How do you want to be successful in being frugal?

Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to reading on!

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No, that is not me and my boyfriend (BF) walking on the beach. We both have longer hair! That is a free picture from the internet.

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