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It’s time again….here is the amortization chart.  It’s getting rough with Christmas on the way. Yes, you need to set aside money for Christmas.  No big spending. Do you even remember what you bought your brother or sister last year? How about the year before?  My family has a “Secret Santa” Christmas, so that helps tremendously. Although I want to splurge on my granddaughters.

So I made 3 extra principal payments for the month of September which totaled a little more than $600.   Not as much as I wanted but the BF and I budgeted for a short vacation to the Sequoia’s this month. We paid cash for the short vacation.  The trees are beautiful and I had never been there, even though I was born and raised in Southern California. I highly recommend going to see the magnificent beauty of the trees and the caves.

This 2nd chart is my way of showing me how many $1000 dollars I have paid off and how many I have left.

Let me know how you’re paying your mortgage off early.

Here’s to reading on!!!

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