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I know, I know….I was supposed to have this 3rd post out a couple of weeks ago but…’s very hard when your BF is already retired and wants to spend your days off with you. I’ll take all of the time with him I can get!!!

So here we go:

How does that look?  I look at this everyday on my refrigerator.

The month of July seemed to be a bit tough for me to put extra principal towards the mortgage, I think because I had taken some time off from work.  I only paid off 7 months worth of principal at $1344.41. I would like to work extra hours, but being summer and having a pool, a gym, a golf cart (for cocktail cruising at night!) it’s very difficult to be focused.  Can’t wait for fall to get me intentional on working extra hours.

I have this other chart that I keep on the fridge also:

I love visual aids/charts that help give me a purpose to keep pushing on.

This chart is helping me to see how many $1000 dollars that I need to pay in order to be mortgage free.  It’s 14 squares across and 10 squares down which = $140,000.00 which is what my mortgage was after buying the house and putting down $130,000.00

If you have any opinions let me know.  Also tell me what YOU do to keep on track with either the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps, or your journey to paying off your debt.

As always, 

Here’s to reading on!

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